First Glance 3D 4D Ultrasound offers our moms-to-be 3D 4D ultrasound pictures. Long gone are the days of only being able to see a picture of a 2D black and white ultrasound. The best time to get great pictures of your baby face is between 26 and 32 weeks. At 14 weeks you will be able to find out your baby’s gender. Weeks 26-32 you will also be able to see your baby’s face and watch him/her move around, play with their toes or suck their thumb, yawn, and if your lucky they may even look right at you! You will leave with a handful of 3D 4D pictures to show all your family and friends.

Your Ultrasound will be one of the highlights of your pregnancy, it is the first time you get to “meet” your baby. The most important factor is that you feel comfortable having the Ultrasound.

Tips to Get the Best 3D 4D Ultrasound Pictures

  • Hydration – You need to drink 6-8 glasses of water several days (should drink that much every day) before your Ultrasound. Water increases your amniotic fluid which helps to separate the tissue that surrounds your baby and allow the sound waves to transmit easier which produces clearer images of your baby.
  • A half and hour to an hour before the Ultrasound have a light snack and a glass of juice, this will stimulate the baby and he/she will be more active.
  • Relax and enjoy moment, if you are stressed the baby may become tense and less active than you would like.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable loose fitting pants and shirt so you can easily roll the pants down to your hips and pull your shirt up, so you entire baby bump is exposed.

There is nothing more precious than a new life and being able to see your baby in the womb.